I’m a young designer of visual interactions with a critical mind and a keen eye for detail.

In general

Savannah, GA

This is the town I currently call home (but not home-home). I like to ride around it on my bicycle.

Apart from in Savannah, I can be spotted in and around Bulgaria (my home-country) and Rwanda from time to time.

I have lots of air-miles.


I very much enjoy snazzy socks. I keep many pairs of them in my dresser, even after they develop holes. This will likely turn into a problem some day, but I'm ignoring it for now.

Socks are also a reflection of my obsession with detail. I think that your socks (i.e. details) are just as important as your shoes (i.e. the essentials). But mostly I just like socks.


It all comes down to dots. I use them in grids to make sketches, take notes, and prototype on paper. Their magical siblings—pixels—are also friends of mine.

I like to plan a lot, and make diagrams. They help me organize my thoughts and refer to them later. Also, I have a thing for polka dots; (especially on socks).



I've been a lucky duck and have been featured in Graphic Design USA's Students to Watch 2015. Head over there to read more about my favorite fine artist, why my friends think I'm fancy, and the real reason behind my sock obsession.


I read books simultaneously, so it takes me a while to finish either one. It's pretty frustrating.

But I like to look the unusual patterns that form between the content and see if I can make cool new thoughts from it all.

Take a look at some of the books I'm currently reading and/or struggling with.


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